Thursday, July 8, 2010

Warrilla Butter Wrapper

The "Warrilla" brand of butter was produced at the Illawarra Central Cooperative Dairy Factory [see earlier post]. It was first retailed in 1955, with a change in the name of the ICCD's butter brand from "Allowrie" to Warrilla".

The butter wrapper held by the Tongarra Museum is significant in that it is has been dated to c.1956- soon after the brand name change.

Whats in a name?

The name Warrilla corresponds to a nearby suburb of the same name, but can this explain the origin of the word? Actually both the suburb and the butter brand have taken the same name, "Warrilla", which is a derivative of the term "Illawarra".

Want to know more?

Above right: Warrilla Brand Butter Wrapper, collected by the Tongarra Bicentennial Museum
Left: The former Illawarra Central Co-operative Dairy Factory in 2009. The rail siding is visible on the far right.

Image Credit: Photos of the Warrilla Butter Wrapper taken by Carly Todhunter on 9/12/2009.

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